Best Legal Accounting Software for Small & Large Law Firms

law firm bookkeeping software

Yes, QuickBooks lets you customize invoices to reflect your practice’s logo, information, and billing rates. You can also schedule invoices to automatically generate and go out to clients on specific dates or at set intervals. We’ll let you know which cases or clients have outstanding balances, which cases are racking up expenses, and more. You can also schedule invoices to be generated and emailed at certain dates or intervals. Emailed invoices have a Pay Now button so that clients can pay online with cards or bank transfers.

Online reviews of NetSuite tend to be favorable, though they are mostly in relation to businesses within the sales industry and not specific to law practices. For more insight, read this article on setting law firm financial benchmarks. Join lawyers from over 15,000 firms who trust MyCase to grow their firm while managing their caseload. With a better understanding of how much time your team spends on any task, you’ll know whether or not you’re charging clients enough.

#2: Xero

When there isn’t an adequate law firm accounting software in place, your attorneys and staff may attempt to track expenses by saving receipts or writing payments in a ledger. All of these are recipes for improper data management and draw your attention away from clients. Some legal accounting solutions also handle trust accounting functionality including dispersing funds, maintaining accurate records, and printing checks. The software will also make it easy to run bank reconciliations regularly and manage client investments.

While general accounting software may work, choosing accounting software that’s designed for law firms will be vastly more useful. Look for legal-specific accounting tools or software that integrates with legal practice management software to create a solution that works for your law firm. In most cases, law practice management software doesn’t include an accounting element specialized for law firms. This leaves you with the purchase of additional non-legal accounting software. As a result, you’re left with multiple platforms and an accounting system that is not tailored specifically for law firms. Once law firms begin using our system, our in-house support team is always available to provide training or onboarding or simply answer specific questions about our products and services.

legal accounting

PCLaw is an all-in-one accounting software for law firm use, suitable for large companies with more advanced needs. Built by LexisNexis, it integrates seamlessly with other LexisNexis products. It comes with Running Law Firm Bookkeeping: Consider the Industry Specifics in the Detailed Guide a good deal of features to help you manage matters, track time, pay vendors, accept online payments, and manage trust accounts. You can even track time on the go with its mobile timekeeping app, PCLaw Go.

law firm bookkeeping software

The integration is real-time and two-way, which means the two apps synchronize in a matter of seconds. The software offers great billing features that support hourly, flat fee, and hybrid billing, as well as LEDES billing. FreshBooks provides the accounting support you need and takes care of the data entry and migration from QuickBooks Online, Word, or any other accounting systems or bookkeeping software. For example, the Clio Manage and Xero integration lets you apply a tax to an expense category in Clio, and that same tax amount will be applied to the client invoice in Xero. It’s essential that your firm’s bookkeeping of financial transactions and accounts be meticulous and accurate. You can send invoices and accept payments using another AbacusNext product, APX PayNow, which lets clients pay through a link in an emailed invoice.

Confidently manage your trust account to meet state bar rules

One thing that makes evaluating accounting solutions so tricky is that there is an abundance of software that classify themselves as “legal accounting software”. Added to that, many of these solutions have similar functionality, at least on paper. Firstly, many common, industry-agnostic accounting solutions seem perfectly fine for use in an attorney’s office because they feature legal use cases on their websites or sales material.

  • Your law firm accounting software should provide real-time financial insight and an automated process for creating customized invoices for your clients.
  • Frее vеrsions can bе a life-saver for solo practitionеrs or small law firms with limitеd budgеts, offering a cost-еffеctivе way to еxplorе basic billing fеaturеs and undеrstand thе softwarе’s suitability.
  • QuickBooks, Xero and Sage products are all general ledger packages you can use for your law firm’s accounting software needs.
  • Know what reports you need, have a list and make sure you “kick the tires” before you commit.
  • For example, attorneys are forced to waste valuable time when they look back and review client-matter tasks for billing purposes.
  • In simple terms, you’ll have a centralized platform containing all the files, memos, quotes, and everything you received from the client from day one.
  • Any connections between you, your bank accounts, and Wave are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Installing PCLaw just takes minutes and all upgrades are managed within your maintenance plan. For a worry-free, lawyerfocused accounting software, PCLaw would be a great choice. QuickBooks has some of the most affordable pricing plans for their accounting software.

We searched and searched, but we couldn’t find any products
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that meet your exact requirements. Yes, most versions of QuickBooks Online let you create unique user IDs and customize access levels for anyone on your team so they can work in your legal accounting software with their own login. We recommend QuickBooks Plus and Advanced in order to get the most from your legal billing software.

law firm bookkeeping software

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