Dominican Wedding Practices

Unlike other cultures, Dominican lovers don’t have bridesmaids and large wedding ceremony parties. Instead, they will choose a child, usually a boy, to cart the arras (a rack with 13 coins) and the rings.

This kind of symbolises the couple’s promise to provide for each other and to discuss everything they may have together. It also signifies their trust in one another.

Prosopopeya Cantada

Prosopopeya Cantada is known as a special type of music played at the wedding product. It’s usually sung simply by family members and conveys his passion and respect of the couple with their guests.

Another interesting aspect of Dominican wedding ceremonies is usually that the bride and groom don’t carry gifts on their big day. Rather, friends and family go to your house of the few before the wedding to present the gifts to them.

Many Dominican weddings have a Cermonia Cantada (musical ceremony). The whole place is filled with sung tunes, and it can sometimes feel like a huge karaoke party! The lyrics towards the songs frequently speak of love and take pleasure in. A group may go with the music, nevertheless it’s information on the voices. The few also exchange rings, which symbolize their timeless love for one one more. Guests will most likely join in and sing along, too! You might hear classic Dominican merengue, as well as more modern genres such as reggaeton and dembow.


Every traditions has its own wedding party traditions and the Dominican Republic is no exception. For example , in contrast to many ethnicities, the cathedral is not divided into soon-to-be husband and bride parts and guests can be seated anywhere they would like to watch their loved ones enter the ceremony.

Another one of a kind part of the wedding is todas las arras matrimoniales. This is a collection of 13 coins directed at the few by los padrinos and madrinas. The coins represent a pledge to economically support their fresh spouse.

Aside from these classic ceremonies, various couples might also use unity rituals like sand or perhaps candle lamps, wine beverage blending, knot tying, handfasting and even hardwood planting to mark their union. These rituals are often times accompanied by music, food and drinks. This can incorporate a variety of neighborhood dishes including sancocho, arroz que tiene pollo and pasteles sobre hoja (meat wrapped in green plantains or unripe bananas). Then it’s time for the first boogie to merengue!

Padrinos & Madrinas

Padrinos and madrinas are just like fairy godparents so, who come on your aid in your biggest lifestyle events. They will be working as wedding witnesses and help you out fiscally by buying items for the wedding ceremony or throwing you a bridal get together.

Typically, parents choose padrinos and madrinas at their particular child’s baptism for their suggestions and support. Precisely the same people can be chosen to get a quinceanera, primary communion and then the couple’s wedding.

During the reception, the groom serenades the new bride with a tune or poem. It is usually a very romantic way to express his love for her and can be a fantastic highlight on the evening. Dominican wedding people are generally small , and only include the blossom girl, ring bearer, coin bearer from the Arras wedding service, and a person young person who all carries a bible pertaining to the spiritual nuptials. Additionally, it is common with regards to couples to get a couple of young children function as their mascots!

Band Bearer & Flower Person

As with many cultures, Dominican marriage ceremonies feature various traditions that create the big time extra special. Additionally, they include pre-wedding events just like bridal showers and bachelorettes. Guests often take gifts to the couple’s house before their wedding. During the formal procedure, the bride and groom exchange wedding party rings, and may be escorted down the avenue by their family and friends.

During the reception, the groom will konzertveranstaltung his long term future wife which has a song, composition or item of music. He is usually accompanied by a strap or different music artists.

The couple may even have some godparents known as the padrino and ostetrica. Traditionally, the daddy and mom of the groom and bride fulfill these types of functions, but they may be anyone that the couple decides. These people will make a observe during the marriage ceremony, and they will also sign the marriage certificate considering the couple. They will give the bride and groom advice and support as they start off their new life alongside one another.

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